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Its not just a home, its a lifestyle
Whether the property is downtown, waterfront, or privately hidden away in the mountains, buyers are not drawn to a home solely for the home itself. The location and the home’s surroundings determine the lifestyle you want. Extravagant outdoor spaces, additional party/game rooms, or museum-like art displays, are all discoverable features the PAN agent will look for in your next home.

Finding exclusive homes that may not even be on the market

PAN Certified Members routinely network with other members to find houses that match their clients’ exact needs, even if the home isn’t listed on the MLS.

You may also want discretion when purchasing a home, not publicly stating to prospective buyers that you are in the market to purchase.  PAN members work with such clients who want this level of anonymity.

Our members are rockstars at what they do

They know how to negotiate high end properties, and they are the best at it.  With their unique skill sets you can be confident your home purchase will be at the best possible price. It pays to do business with a verified prime agent!