As a top seller, you will be getting more money for your sold house

True industry expert with knowledge of your area

Exclusive access to other Top Agents for pre-listings

With Siddiqui Real Estate Services you will soon realize your dream home or find that right buyer.

Farah uses exclusive sales tools, market intelligence, and propreiety techniques not available to 90% of real estate agents.  We take the guesswork out of the real estate question since you will be working with a top producer.

We ask the right questions!

What is important in your next home?



Finding the home that fits your needs

Farah can find hidden gems through our exclusive network of pre listing, pocket listings and forum.



Selling your home with one of the cities top agent!

You will sell for the best possible, highest price.  Plus our knowledge base will direct you to better stage your home.  What needs to be repaired, what needs to be replaced are all important factors before listing.  You’ll have confidence that you are using the best agent around.

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