Prime Agent Network Qualification Inquiry

Members must have closed home sale volume that is in the top 10% within their chapter

We prefer you local chapter of Realtors Association, or your local Board of Realtors correspondence or ranking material.

Our application process:

  1. Complete the form on this page
  2. Notification within 5 days
  3. If approved, you get full access


Not every application get approved.  

Prime Agent Network members are within the top 10% of real estate agents in their area.

Public Trust is number 1

Our customer is the buying and selling public that places its trust in us for our network of top agents.  This community of agents are top sellers by volume, or by dollar amount in their chapter for the past 24 months.  Our reliability is our brand and its most important.

Data is the key

We don’t ask members to take a test to become certified.  Since there is nothing like real world business, we take the data the agent has actually performed.